A major renovation at Frankston’s landmark Davey’s Hotel was undertaken in 2017.  The new design sought to open up the public spaces and reconnect the patrons with each other and contextually.  Upon entry a strong visual axis has been re-established with Port Phillip Bay, and the main bar once again becomes the focal point: where brewers and drinkers come together and connect.  The variety of large communal tables, lounges and outdoor seating provides opportunities for all customers, and fosters an inclusive and welcoming venue.

Inside the hotel, decades of layered decoration have been stripped back to expose the original brickwork and floors, and reveals an honest, utilitarian building fabric.  Partnered with natural timber finishes, the brick gives a wonderful sense of warmth and history.  Playful use of copper and amber glass provides contrast, and references the passions of Australia’s first brewer and the ongoing creation of James Squire craft beer.


Client: ALH Group

Year Completed: 2017

Photographer: ALH Group