Located on the corner of a main connection road, activating the façade of the building was a key focus for the client. Through the use of highly textured, hard-wearing and low-maintenance materials, we achieved a robust and intriguing street presence. Extensive glazing and creative lighting were used to compliment the textured external elements and highlight the internal spaces, to define the venue as a local hub of entertainment.

The aim of the interior design was to develop visual interest and a sense of depth within the small tavern. This was achieved using highly tactile surface finishes and weaving creative lighting installations throughout the fit-out. To make the long and narrow bar and bistro space feel larger, finishes and lighting normally used in external environments such as face brick and timber cladding were combined with a very high but dark ceiling void with custom oversized pendants creating a canopy for patrons, giving a slight external feel to the space.

Centrally controlled and zoned RGB lighting is used throughout the tavern to provide atmosphere and draw attention from the adjoining main road, whilst giving the client full control to theme the venue on special occasions with just a few taps of a touch screen.


Client: ALH Group