Top 4 Trends in Las Vegas Casinos

Cayas Architects Jeremy Ward recently took a tour of several Las Vegas casinos. Here, he shares the top 4 design devices that keep US patrons playing, and staying, for longer.

  1. Height variations

 Foyers and thoroughfares are defined by grand, lofty ceilings. Meanwhile, gambling, drinking and dining spaces feature lower ceilings (around 4 to 5 metres). Unlike the showy and expansive gaming spaces of old, these areas now feel comfortable and discrete. Not surprisingly, the ceilings in the sports bars remain high, in order to accommodate large screens.

  1. Well-lit foyers

Natural light, streaming in from above, is utilised to give patrons a warm welcome upon arrival. Water features also add to the sense of peace and tranquillity upon approach. Interestingly, auto-entry doors are less favoured than rows of multiple swinging doors — allowing for a more free-flowing introduction to the space.

  1. Gaming

 ‘Feature’ machines take centre stage, thanks to a carousel layout. Meanwhile, other gaming machines are displayed in irregular formations, allowing patrons to move much more freely through the space. Here, the ceiling is the hero — whilst the walls remain largely unadorned. 

  1. Diversified dining 

Menus, seating, ambience and price-points vary throughout the casinos’ restaurants and cafes. This a clever strategy to ensure patrons never tire of the catering available on site. From dishes you might expect to find in a food court, through to full a la carte options, all appetites and budgets are well served.

The photo adjacent is of the Wynn Casino and is a fabulous example of each observation above.

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Jeremy Ward