How to increase pubs and clubs' operational efficiency | Cayas Architects
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How to increase pubs and clubs’ operational efficiency


How to increase pubs and clubs’ operational efficiency

In a previous post, I introduced this mini-series of articles about the impact of design in hospitality – particularly clubs and pubs.

Here, in my first of three detailed posts, I’ll explain how design can affect the operational efficiency of your venue…

An efficient design will identify where the value lies – it’s not just about getting bang-for-buck out of products and materials.

Operationally, design can significantly help reduce costs associated with staff numbers, more than you ever could through tile or wallpaper selection.

Wages and staff on-costs (including payroll tax and training) account for about 45 percent of business expenses. To address this, successful clubs and pubs need to put as much effort into designing what their patrons don’t see, as what they do.

Designing the back-of-house is a delicate balancing act. For example, making the space too small can compromise the operational efficiency and circulation of services and staff.

On the flip side, making the back-of-house space too generous in size, or too convoluted in layout, can inhibit staff circulation, and, more importantly, take away from valuable floor space that could be filled with paying patrons.

Understanding the capacity and operational needs of these spaces allows us to design and create your venue to be as functional and commercially viable as possible.